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Short Term Funding

Short term funding allows you to access funding in as little as 24 hours, without carrying long term debts. With relaxed qualifications, this type of funding can really help a business accelerate.

Merchant Cash Advance Consolidation

Businesses with merchant cash advances often look to consolidate. Our program allows you to pay off daily payment advances, convert to a monthly payment loan, and restore cash flow. Of all types of business loans, this is our most popular.

Revolving Lines of Credit

A revolving line of credit allows you to have continuous access to funding, when you need it. As one of the most cost effective types of business loans, you can access what you need, when you need it with ease.

Term Loans

A term loan is a great fit for longer term needs, with terms going 2-5 years, a term loan allows flexibility of a low monthly payment, with no prepayment penalties.

Equipment Financing

Equipment financing allows you to obtain equipment on a monthly payment with terms to 84 months and Section 179 tax incentives.

Invoice Factoring

Many businesses work on net terms, and can use the funds today. Invoice factoring allows you to access your receivables without creating debt, and keeps cash flow moving for growth.

Funding Qualifications

Please keep in mind we can not help start a business, obtain grants, or work with any business generating under $8000 a month in deposits.

Short Term Funding

Capital in 1 to 2 days.

    • Up to $500,000
    • Terms 4-24 months
    • Same day approvals, 24 hours to fund
    • 525 Credit score+
    • 6 months in business
    • $7500 per month in deposits
    • No start ups
    • No history of defaults on business funding
    • Current funding okay, can be used to pay off and obtain better terms
    • 6 months bank statements and application to qualify

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Merchant Cash Advance Consolidation

Need cash flow restored? Refinance with a monthly payment.

    • Up to $100,000
    • Terms 2-10 years
    • Same day approval and funding
    • 550 credit score+
    • Average daily balances greater than $1000 over last 90 days
    • No debt restructure in credit report
    • No industry restrictions
    • Full consultation needed upfront to determine eligibility
    • Powerful tool to eliminate daily payments and consolidate to a single monthly payment

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Revolving Lines of Credit

Access funding when you need it, anytime.

    • Up to $250,000
    • Terms 8-15 months
    • 1 day process
    • 650 credit score+
    • $12,000 per month in deposits
    • 24 months in business
    • No more than 2 NSF in last 6 months
    • 8 deposits per month
    • Prefer to have business credit
    • No more than 2 current business loans in place
    • Secured invoice factoring also available (up to $10 million)

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Term Loans

When short term is not the solution.

    • Up to $350,000
    • Terms 2-5 years
    • 1-2 weeks to fund
    • 650 Credit score+
    • 2 years in business
    • Current on all taxes and financials
    • No tax liens
    • $8000 per month in deposits
    • Must show profits on tax return.
    • Overall must be very clean on taxes, financials, and credit profile.

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Equipment Financing

Need help financing new equipment?

    • Terms based on credit score
    • 600 credit minimum
    • 1 year time in business required
    • New or used equipment
    • No start ups
    • No private party sales

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Invoice Factoring

Have outstanding receivables you need now?

    • Funding to $10 million
    • Must be B2B & 2 years in business
    • 1Must generate $1 million in annual revenue
    • No credit minimums
    • AR Lines of credit or Single Invoice Factoring

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