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Helping small businesses reach their goals? We’re on it!

We understand that financing a small business can be a challenge that requires more time than most small business owners have in a day. Business operations, accounts receivable, accounting, and marketing are all an important part of running a small business—and financing shouldn’t slow down your focus on these issues; it should instead help a business grow.

What we do and why we do it?

Strong Capital Funding is not your typical funding company. There are a lot of them, some great, some not so great. The founder came from a background of learning first. What he found was that there is always a need for capital in America’s small businesses, however there was one glaring problem, a low barrier to entry, and a lot of unethical activity.


We discovered the number one complaint in obtaining financing, was the games and bait and switching. With a flurry of “pre-approvals” that come via mail, email and phone, business owners truly believe they are going to receive these offerings. This is simply a way to get you in the door, get an application and a few financial statements, only to be offered something they did not expect. This creates a high level of distrust, and rightfully so.


Here at Strong Capital Funding, we believe in a consultation first approach. Our expert funding advisors will speak with you as long as needed to get a full understanding of your needs, your qualifications, your concerns, and your goals and dreams. We have a strict policy in place, we will not ask you to apply until you are comfortable with the ballpark options we provide you on the first consultation. We do not believe in wasting time, fake pre-approvals, lies about future funding opportunities if you do something first, or charging you fees. We are on your team, we only get paid if you get funded, and do not have the time to play around.


Founded in late 2017, Strong Capital Funding has proven to be one of the very best sources of capital, and will continue to work to educate business owners on what is real, and what is a smoke screen, and we take a lot of pride in it.

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