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Poor Credit Loans

Business owners need working capital, this is a fact. Sometimes life hits us, and we fall behind on our credit scores. Does this eliminate your ability to get funding? The answer is no.


Having lower than desired credit obviously can dictate the terms, but poor credit business loans are available for folks while they address the issues and recover. Strong Capital Funding is much different than most, primarily because we truly care about getting you on track, and will give you all the tips and ideas to repair your situation for free.


When it comes to determining what type of program is a best fit, things such as time in business, industry, condition of bank statements, and overall affordability can create opportunities. Will you get a long term monthly payment term loan at a bank rate with poor credit? No, but there are some things to consider.


What types of programs are available for low credit?


  • Merchant cash advance. With this type of program, you are selling your future receivables for a discount. This allows you to obtain tomorrow’s revenue, for a fee today. While this structure works better for some industries than others, generally speaking if your business has good condition bank statements, consistent revenues, and in a favorable industry, funding can be approved with as low as a 550 credit score.
  • Invoice factoring. This type of funding allows you to sell an outstanding invoice for a discount, without creating debt. Since this type of program is primarily underwritten based on the debtor, personal credit is not nearly as important. For a poor credit business, this type of financing can be a great way to free up cash flow.
  • Asset based lending. If you have business real estate, equipment, or other forms of collateral, there can be options to secure funding with poor credit. With this type of funding, being secured, there is far less risk to a lender, and can give you a chance to obtain funding. Think of this similar to a secured credit card.
  • Credit card sale merchant cash advance. Does your business take primarily credit card payments? With this type of funding, you can receive a lump sum of capital in exchange for a percentage held back per day out of your credit card sales. Of all poor credit business loan options, this is by far the most flexible, and will not hurt a business that faces a lot of ups and downs in the business.


As you can see, poor credit business loans can work, and options ARE available. Strong Capital Funding takes great pride in our educational funding process, helping you, the business owner, position yourself for the best success. If you would like to speak in more detail on these topics, please go ahead and request a consultation and an expert funding advisor will reach out ASAP.

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